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    Overview: Historical Rwanda Tour

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    Historical Rwanda Tour Itinerary

    Day 1: Kigali genocide memorial centre

    The Kigali genocide memorial center is located 10 minutes’ drive from the city center in Gisozi. It is the final resting place of 250,000 Rwandans killed in the genocide. It is run by AEGIS, a UK Non Governmental Organisation committed to stop genocides from happening around the world. The center has different exhibit places with space of skulls of survivors and their personal belongings, photographs of survivors, reconciliation efforts, and genocide perpetrators.

    Day 2: Bugesera reconciliation village

    Located a few kilometers from Kigali city, Bugesera reconciliation village is a place you should visit. As its name says, Bugesera reconciliation village is a community for reconciled families. People who stay here are the victims of 1994 genocide, which left them homeless after losing everything they had. The village was setup by the government to bring these people together and enable them to start a second happy life. Those who had become enemies have been reconciled and are leaving together in harmony. A visit to Bugesera reconciliation village is an opportunity for travelers to listen to the touching stories of these people, which make them appreciate how far Rwanda has become in bringing its people together transforming the country into the most hospitable nation with loving and caring people to interact with.

    Day 3: Iby’iwacu cultural village

    A visit to this village is a great way to learn and enjoy the traditional culture of Rwanda associated with dances, songs, dressing code, poems and fantastic drummers whose entertainment is life changing. Interestingly, travellers are allowed to take part in all activities like preparing local food and bewaring local banana beer which make them part of the community an experience for a lifetime. Also, travellers get a chance of interacting with former poachers and medicine men that all provide you with extensive knowledge about Rwanda’s traditions and norms. Other activities that take place at this site include preparing traditional marriages and cow milking among others. Local people at iby’iwacu community village present their community structure, traditional medicine, dancing and archery which presentations expand traveller’s knowledge about Rwanda’s traditional village life. Also the village is surrounded by volcanoes national park and the Virunga volcanoes hence an added opportunity for the travellers to enjoy the spectacular views of the stunning, beautiful and green environment.

    Day 4: Nyamata church

    We shall visist Nyamata church a scene where over 45,000 people were killed in the 1994 genocide. During this horrific time (genocide) most people sought refuge in the church praying for God’s mercy and believing that the murders could not attack the holy place of God. Unfortunately, these people ere attacked and killed in the church. A visit to Nyamata church is to pay respect to these innocent souls and pray for God’s mercy upon their spirits. Different items such as books, magazines and video are displayed to help you understand how everything happened.

    Day 5: The king’s palace

    Do not leave Rwanda without stopping by the kings’ palace in Nyanza roughly 25 miles from the town of Butare. Here travelers are crowned as kings and queens for a moment and are allowed to take picks for remembrance. The domed style of the palace s simply gorgeous with interesting stories by the guide. Different activities take place at the palace, which include the cowboys calling over the royal cattle with singing that calms the cattle making the more docile and friendly. Also there are many objects of kingship, which include, the spears, and drums among others.

    • The cost of all ground transportation and Fuel
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    • Park entrance fee
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    • Airfares to Rwanda
    • Entry visas and airport taxes
    • All personal expenditure such as laundry and drinks are excluded.

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