• Packing for your first safari can be a bit daunting. What do you bring? What don’t you need? Below you’ll find our recommended list of things to bring along with you when you’re on safari.

    • A backpack;
    • A warm sweater or light fleece;
    • A windbreaker or waterproof jacket;
    • Walking shoes or boots;
    • A long sleeve dress shirt and trousers;
    • Sunglasses;
    • Hat;
    • Sunscreen and lip balm;
    • Insect repellant;
    • Camera;
    • Binoculars;
    • Batteries and/or charger for your camera;
    • A flashlight or headlamp;
    • Guide books;
    • Phone and charger

    You may also wish to bring your own first aid kit. While all of our Shadows of Africa vehicles have their own on board first aid kit, it never hurts to be prepared.

    • Anti-malarial medication;
    • Painkillers;
    • Antihistamines for allergies and insect bites;
    • Cold and flu medication;
    • Anti-Diarrheal medication;
    • Medicines for rehydration after diarrhea or sunstroke;
    • Insect repellant;
    • Sunscreen and lip balm;
    • Eye drops;
    • Moisturiser for treating sunburn;
    • Antiseptic lotion;
    • Rubbing alcohol;
    • Bandages and plasters;
    • Scissors;
    • Tweezers.

    You may also wish to bring along water purification tablets and any medications you take for any existing medical conditions. Don’t let the above list daunt you. Many of these items are only necessary in extreme cases, but it’s better to have something and not need it than it is to need something and not have it!

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