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Zanzibar Beach Holidays

The shimmering stretches of white sand and blue-green water of the Indian Ocean make Tanzania an extraordinary African coastal holiday destination. The beaches of Tanzania, from the castaway Mafia, Pemba, Fanjove Islands to Ras Kutani, Kilwa and Bagamoyo, instantaneously detoxes your mind, relax your body and rejuvenate your spirit. Immerse yourself in the easygoing seaside lifestyle, or seek out high-adventure marine activities, or do a little of both. However, you envision your paradisiacal beach escape, Tanzania’s beaches will enchant and delight you! Watch spectacular humpback whales make their migratory journey in Mafia, laugh at the antics of coastal primates at Jozani Forest, lose yourself in the fascinating shapes of marine life stranded by changing tides and so much more at Chumbe Island Coral Park! You can island hop, take cultural Swahili tours, explore small villages and markets and find plenty of aquatic sports to enjoy! As one of the continent’s most remarkable island destinations, Zanzibar is a zesty addition to any African traveler’s itinerary. Known as “Spice Island,” the archipelago has a rich history that is filled with romantic stories of trade, wealth and cultural influences. Stone Town is a distinct UNESCO World Heritage Site that takes you back in time, and the aroma of exotic spices is always in the air. Idyllic stretches of white sand beaches touched by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean further enhance the experience of Zanzibar Island. The charming Swahilis of Zanzibar welcome you with warm smiles and are delighted to share their methods of harvesting seaweed, catching the best fish and other seafood and cultivating the finest seasonings in the world.

Best Time for Zanzibar :

Zanzibar is an equatorial paradise, with a warm climate and almost no seasonal variation (high temperatures are between 82 and 91 degrees F year-round). As such, the only consideration you need to account for when making Zanzibar travel plans is precipitation. March through May is the monsoon season, when the islands get about a twelve inches of rain per month. It’s also the least touristy season, so plan accordingly.

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