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Safari Attractions in Kenya

While Kenya offers a magical safari destination in terms of wildlife and landscape, no visitor to Kenya leaves untouched by its people and their vibrant and varied culture. The Kenyan culture has grown over the course of a long history, starting in fact from the known beginning of human time in ‘the cradle of humanity’, where the earliest known human remains being discovered in Kenya’s Rift Valley. Today there are around 42 different tribes in Kenya, with varying cultural identities and traditions that have, in some cases, become intertwined over time due to similarities in language and a sharing of the same environment. Visitors to Kenya have the unique opportunity to spend days in the homes of various tribal villages, learning and participating in their daily lives, and even in some cases attending ceremonies. While in the past the development of national parks, in some cases, caused displacement of tribes from traditional grazing areas, today many are employed in the management of conservancies or rangers to protect the wildlife they once kept their cattle safe from.