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Myprice Africa invites you to take part in a wondrous story unfolding deep in the heart of Africa. Rwanda is rising from its tempestuous past to become one of the greatest models for conservation on the planet! Exploring this Central-East African country takes you on a unique safari journey unlike any other on the continent. Massive peaks etched by volcanic activity are painted deep green by flourishing, dense rainforest and encircled by the delicate, soft shapes of clouds. Nestled among these geologic giants are charming, peaceful Hutu and Tutsi villages, where the laughter of joyful children is carried by the breeze, echoing almost endlessly through the valley. Symmetrical hillside patchwork draws the eye to a tea farm in the distance, where workers tend to seedlings that emerge from rich, dark soil. In the higher elevations are protected bamboo forests, home to Rwanda’s mountain gorillas of the Virunga, a species that has captured hearts and minds around the world.