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Landlocked Uganda has transformed itself from a country with a troubled past to one of relative stability and prosperity. Since its independence from Britain in 1962, the east African nation has endured a military coup, followed by a brutal military dictatorship which ended in 1979, disputed elections in 1980 and a five-year war that brought current President Yoweri Museveni to power in 1986. The country has also had to contend with a brutal 20-year insurgency in the north, led by the Lord's Resistance Army. While the country has won praise for its vigorous campaign against HIV/AIDS it has also attracted international attention for its hardening stance against the LGBT community.

Lying at the green heart of Africa, Uganda is one of the most naturally diverse countries on the continent and offers rewarding, great-value gorilla trekking. The success rate of encountering these gentle giants in the magical Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is 90% and the Uganda gorilla trekking permit is considerably cheaper than the Rwandan equivalent. It is one of the world’s most memorable wildlife experiences – sitting for an hour with a habituated gorilla family while they go about their daily business. Mothers fuss over their babies and teenagers wrestle and chase each other while the male silverback keeps a regal eye over proceedings. It is also a two-way relationship: such is the positive impact of trekking that the local mountain gorilla population is actually increasing after decades of decline. Uganda’s gorilla trekking is a good example of sustainable eco-tourism at work. And while gorilla trekking is Uganda’s biggest draw card, this is also a country of open grasslands, tropical forests and thundering waterfalls. Uganda offers not just gorilla treks but also big game safaris and chimpanzee trekking too. Its national parks are home to classic animals such as elephant, buffalo and lion while its forests are filled with primates and butterflies. You’ll enjoy game drives and river cruises plus nature walks and some of the best bird watching in the world.

A hilly and green country with a warm climate and rain at any time of year, Uganda is a country of sometimes limited but improving infrastructure. Itineraries usually fly you between destinations to reduce the amount of travel time and maximise your experience. Our recommended accommodation in Uganda offers a good range of options and you’ll have a private bathroom and a room with a view throughout. Browse our Accommodation and Itinerary ideas pages for inspiration or simply contact us with your requirements and we’ll tailor-make a Uganda tour for you

Our top destinations in Uganda Bwindi Impenetrable Forest home to Uganda’s best gorilla trekking, Bwindi is a majestic jungle environment that also teems with birds & butterflies. Queen Elizabeth National Park with 600 bird species it’s a bird watcher’s paradise but also home to tree-climbing lions, buffalo, elephants & chimpanzees. Murchison Falls National Park most famous for its spectacular waterfall, Uganda’s biggest park is also home to big game, chimpanzees & great bird watching. Kibale Forest discover the diversity of a tropical forest: expert guides take you in search of chimpanzees, birds & shy jungle creatures