We at Myprice Africa Safari Adventure offer tours and safaris in six African countries, namely – Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia & Burundi offering the best of each African safari destination above mentioned to give our clients the best African safari experience they can have. We organise tours and safaris in these six countries with the best safari guides to give them unparalleled safari experience. Below we have mentioned the highlights of each safari destination.

African History and Culture

Africa is the birthplace of humankind and knowing its history is essential for

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African Art

African arts and craft include sculpture,
weaving, beading

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African Clothing

The type of clothing worn across Africa varies from north to south, and by religious

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African Food

The environment plays a huge part in
what kinds of foods are

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Music of Africa

African music is as diverse as the people, and has also been influenced by music from

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Men from the Latuka tribe in Sudan still practice the tradition of kidnapping a woman

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